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What is a polyamorous relationship?

One has to be open to their primary partner on what they want (Shutterstock)

Probably you’ve seen them, more than two partners together and expressing their affection for each other publicly without shying off.

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While at it, they seem so happy whereas you are possibly wondering how they deal with issues like jealousy.

Surprisingly, this type of relationship exists and can thrive with a few ground rules.

It may involve one party of the relationship being interested elsewhere but still committed to the other or a couple having another couple as a quadruple.

Contrary to popular belief, a polyamorous relationships does not imply cheating.

Cheating is non-consensual while a polyamorous relationship has to involve consent from the involved parties. If anything, a high level of trust is expected between the parties.

Some of the key values that partners in polyamorous relationships have is respect for each other. Owing to the open communication module within the relationship, it is easy for the parties to express their views.

One has to be open to their partner on what they want. It could range from better and experimental sex to having an emotional connection with another person.

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Polyamorous relationships also involve setting a number of boundaries. While you may be excused to think that it opens a whole world of sex, this is not they only binding thing.

People seeking such relationships have to agree with their primary partner whether the other party will live with them, whether they will share in financial and any other duties such as child care duties and other family issues.

You'll mostly find out that there is a primary party who caters for the 'normal' family.

Other than duties, you have to communicate on whether involving another person affects you, whether you are okay with your partner being sexually involved with another person or if you want it to be purely for solace and emotional purposes.

Some of the ways you may know that a monogamous relationship isn't for you is by understanding your preferences more.

If you seem to be interested in other people when in a relationship, want a more adventurous sex life than with one party, or need someone to talk to besides your primary partner, then a polyamorous relationship may suit you well.

In the case that you are wondering whether you'll get jealous or not, be keen to know that it's not meant to be that way.

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However, speaking your feelings openly is the core foundation for a thriving polyamorous relationship.

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