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Do men have baby fever?

Baby fever is normally triggered by friends, photos or even movies with babies (Photo: iStock)

Baby fever has always been seen as something that only women get. It’s this uncontrollable feeling or urge that you should have a baby.

People often get baby fever because they’re triggered by something as simple as seeing someone else with a baby or the famous cuddling season. 

It’s true that this mostly happens to women but the question that people frequently think about is whether men also get it.

Well, you’re about to find out. Read on:

Based on my own personal judgement and from the few men who commented on this topic, men get it too even if it doesn’t come as intensely. It’s not uncommon to hear a man saying that he’s ready for kids only to change his mind later and that might be a result of baby fever.

A man who is financially set will definitely consider having a family (Photo: iStock)

Part of the reason why it’s not connected to men is that most are not always comfortable expressing how they feel. That means many guys experience baby fever silently until that urge passes.

Some of the reasons why men get baby fever are also similar to what women experience and at the top of the list is the aspect of biological clocks. As men get older, they start to realize that they need someone to start a family with. When he sees that he’s already reached those milestones he’s wanted in his career, he might feel like it is finally the right time to have a baby before it’s too late.

Men get that even though they can still create life at an older stage as compared to women, it doesn’t guarantee healthy babies. With age comes lower quality sperm and this fact can trigger men to want kids urgently.

The other thing that can cause a man to have baby fever is the natural need to express his masculinity. He might not understand that his drive to provide and protect can stir up the need to start a family but it happens.

Some men can also have this experience because of pressure. As he grows older his parents and relatives all want to know his plans when it comes to starting a family and that can also make him desire to have a mini version of himself even when that’s not really what he wants.

At this point, he has to be careful not to rush things but wait at least until he’s ready financially, mentally, physically and emotionally to make this lifetime commitment.

Pressure can also mean he’s comparing his milestones to others. Maybe he’s just okay with where his life is at the moment but that changes when he sees that his friends are having babies.

Signs to know if your man is having this nudge is if he’s suddenly more fascinated with the idea of having kids. If those feelings die down after a while, then you can be sure that what he was feeling was baby fever.

So, yes this also happens to men too. Many of them might be silent about it and some don’t even realize that baby fever is a real thing but it still happens.

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