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Seven makeup products you should never share with other people

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My girlfriend was running late for a date she was preparing for from my place. In the huff, she went into my bedroom, opened the drawers in my dressing table and got down using all the makeup products she could find.

At the time, it looked like something I should possibly ignore and go ahead to use the makeup she had applied. As a result of my conscience, I threw away the makeup kit and got another set. When she visited next, I had clear guidelines of what we could share and what was out of reach.

Here are some of the non-sharable items in your makeup kit:



Your eyes do not have as much protective layers as your skin. This, consequently, could expose you to getting pink eye. Sharing mascara is also a route to possibly getting conjunctivitis. This is from the bacteria spread which can occur from the sharing of the mascara brush.

Mascara’s black bottles can harbour aerobic bacteria that can survive in an oxygenated area since you tend to put air in every time you push the brush in and out. Unless you use disposable wands for the mascara, you’ll be in the route to infections.


Being selfish with your lipstick is allowed. This is because, sharing lipstick can predispose you to many infections which get in through the mouth. The lips get into contact with a lot of saliva, which gets into contact with the lipstick, whether we like it or not. Sharing your lippies could be transferring bacteria, HSV-1 (Herpes simplex virus 1. HSV can cause genital herpes), cold sores or fever blisters without knowing. Avoid it at all costs, no matter how tempting it feels.

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Makeup in jars

All make up in jars are often applied by sticking your fingers in the jars. One of the challenges of sharing makeup in jars is that not everyone sanitizes their hands and they could transfer a load of bacteria to you. Remember to also wash your hands when handling makeup from these jars.

Lip gloss

Lip gloss sharing is bringing together the ills similar to sharing mascara and lipstick. The disaster from this is that the wand carrying the gummy liquid could have bacterial build-up while sharing it through application. This could expose you too flu, sores or HSV-1. Purpose to use your own set of glosses.

Facial cleansing brush

If you live in a house where you find your roommate has used your facial cleansing brush, maybe it is time you set clear boundaries and stop sharing the same bathroom cabinet. Sharing a facial cleansing scrub transfers all your partner’s bacteria from their face to yours. No wonder pimples and weird rashes will camp on your face.


People are warned everywhere against sharing sharp objects. If hospitals do not share needles, why should you even conceptualize sharing your razor with your girlfriends as you prepare for that night out? There is a huge danger in sharing sharp objects as you do not know who got cut, when, and what they can transmit to you through that blood contact.

Pressed foundation

When you are in a situation where there is only one foundation set among your group of girlfriends, it is either all of you agree to going with shiny foreheads instead of sharing it. Sharing this foundation exposes someone to bacterial infections especially if you end up sharing the sponge and apply near the mouth and eyes are these are the main entry points of bacteria and viruses.

Saying no to your girlfriends on makeup products can be hard. However, if both of you know the risks involved, you will understand that you would rather each person carries their own instead of putting each other’s wellbeing at risk.

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