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Why women go through their men’s phones

Women revealed why they went through their men's phones (Photo: Shutterstock)

Do you sometimes take a peek at what's in your man’s phone? A Facebook user recently asked ladies what they hoped to gain from “snooping”.

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“Ladies, when you go through your man’s phone, are you looking to stay or leave?” the post read.

Women came out in droves to answer him with many saying that they are looking for a reason to leave.

“To either continue staying or leaving,” one user said.

“Pick a fight,” said a second.

While a third said, “A reason to cheat.”

“I will go through it when [I’m] ready to leave. [There’s] no need of going through it and then staying,” wrote a fourth.

A section of the women admitted that they craved a fight hence the snooping (Photo: Shutterstock)

Trust is an essential element in any relationship. A section of the replies pointed out that the women sought reassurance.

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“A reason to trust him and protect myself,” wrote another.

“The ‘trust but verify’ thing,” said one among the hundreds who replied.

“When people live with insecurities, they look for small clues here and there. One of the areas is the phone,” admitted another.

Some users admitted that going through their partners’ phones would give them more insight into his life since you can’t fully know anybody.

“Sometimes you have to know who exactly you are living with,” said a different lady.

One woman commented, “To stay knowing where else he fuels. I don’t want a child brought here if, God forbid, he dies.”

Some women said not snooping helped protect their peace of mind (Photo: Shutterstock)

Others admitted that they share phones with their men and thus, don’t need to snoop.

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“Is there a problem if I go through my man’s phone? I mean, he also uses mine,” another responded.

Some ladies said that they made a conscious effort not to look at their man’s phone even when it was right next to them and ringing off the hook.

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“Even if it rings when it is next to me I keep myself busy as if I haven’t noticed that it is ringing,” replied one lady.  “But with his consent I buy credit from his M-Pesa. Never complicate this life.”

Another admitted that not looking at her partner’s phone helps give her peace of mind.

Let us know, do you snoop in your man’s phone? Would you mind if he had a look at yours?

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