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Parents, are you raising a bisexual daughter unknowingly? Here is how to know


It is the 21st century and so many things have evolved including sexuality. Though not fully embraced in Africa, the West have learned to live and respect people’s sex preference. That however does not mean that in Africa we do not have gays, lesbians and those who swing both ways (bisexuals). We have them all over but because of all the stigma and brutality they could be subjected to if they came out, they opt to live in the closet masquerading as straight people. You might find yourself raising a lesbian but since they don’t come with tags indicating their sexuality, here are signs to look out for to know if your daughter is bisexual:

She checks out other women/girls

I know. This is not new. Women are always checking out fellow women. But usually, they check them out to compare themselves with them. But if your girl checks out women lustfully, the same way a a guy looks at other women, she could probably be a lesbian and even openly compliments their assets. Or maybe just ‘open-minded’.

She has had very few relationships

If your daughter is in her late tensor early twenties and hardly has boyfriends, you ought to question her sexuality. Girls in this age bracket tend to have many boyfriend scandals so it is a little bit awkward if your daughter is not fascinated by the ‘boyfriend’ topic.

Dressing up is not her thing

Most straight girls want to girly especially at adolescent stage. From the way they dress, to the make-up they wear. If you find out that your girl is not about dressing up and getting all dolled up and instead prefers baggy clothing with no makeup then that should be cause for alarm.

She does sleepovers at her BFF’s

If your daughter is all about sleepovers at her girlfriends’, then something could be going on. Doing sleepovers is a thing most young lesbians use as an excuse. This is because parents cannot be quick to judge as they see them just as friendly gestures among young friends.  This however does not mean that all sleepovers are ill-intended, you just have to be a little bit more cautious.


The kind of sporty activities that your daughter engages in should be something that you scrutinize as a parent. As much as we preach gender equality and scream that ‘What a man can do a woman can do better’, some sports are designed for men and others for women. If she has a huge interest in the male sports, then something could be cooking.

Very secretive

If you find that your young girl is very secretive and keeps a lot of things to herself, then you should ponder further. IF she is always clearing her internet’s history, keeps her phone and computer’s password very private and also locks herself up in the room most of the time, then something could be wrong.

When the above do not necessarily mean that your daughter is a lesbian, they are some of the things that guide you into knowing her sexuality.

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