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Six healthy hair habits you must adopt

You need to know these key tips for strong and healthy looking hair (Shutterstock)

If you find yourself stalking a hair guru or even having dreams about long hair, welcome to the club and have a seat. Thank you YouTube!

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The more you get your hands on social media the more you realize how bad things are on your side. Your hair is nothing to write home about. And if you’re like me, you’ve probably tried every trick out there just to get an inch.

As you work towards making your hair goals come true, there are key tips you need to know for strong and healthy looking hair.

But, don’t take our word for it, you need to try and find what works for your hair

  1. Choose products wisely

You’re probably guilty of choosing a product because you’ve heard that it has great results or seen someone else use it only to realize it doesn’t work for your hair. If you’re not aware of what ingredients your hair loves or hates, you will end up spending tons of money on things that aren’t as effective.

To avoid buying into the cheap sales pitch, always make sure you pay attention to the list of ingredients. Spot the difference between products that your hair loves and hates and you’ll be able to note down what you need to be avoiding.

  1. Health over length

Not everyone may agree but, come on! If you think about it, it is definitely better to have healthy hair than long limp hair. Length is often confused for health. Your hair can grow long but still be brittle. Always prioritize the health of your hair so that it grows well. Things like split ends should be dealt with soon enough to prevent them moving up to the healthy part of your hair.

It is better to have healthy hair than long limp hair. Don't confuse length for health (Shutterstock)
  1. Conditioner is your friend

Conditioning your hair is essential for hair growth. There are lots of products like leave-ins, treatments, daily conditioners and even natural remedies that keep your hair strong. This is especially important for natural African hair because it tends to dry out faster. Always have conditioners by your side for moisture, length retention and overall healthy hair.

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  1. Customize your hair routine

On the same note, you’ll need to know your hair and do more research on it. Knowing your hair will help you come up with your own hair care routine for best results.

It’s important to get some essential guidelines from others but at the end of the day, everyone’s hair and genetics are different. So, do you!

You need to spot the difference between products that your hair loves and hates (Shutterstock)
  1. Pay more attention to your scalp

Most of us tend to focus on the ends of our hair. We’re eager to see how long it’s grown to determine how far our efforts have come. It’s also easy to avoid the hustle of getting to the scalp and roots when washing, oiling or moisturizing the rest of your hair. Your scalp needs a lot of attention because it’s where new growth comes from. If it’s too dry or too clogged up with products, your hair won’t be as healthy as it should be. Take care of the ends but don’t forget the roots.

  1. Protect your hair

Part of optimizing your hair health is ensuring that you protect it the right way. Incorporating things like silk or satin scarves, braid-outs or twist-outs and other protective styling always helps to preserve your hair. Also, be careful with the protectives styles.

They can easily backfire when they’re too tight or when you don’t take care of your hair while it’s being protected. Small details like these make a huge difference when it comes to hair care.

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