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How self-love can help with your mental health

Your mental health, just as self-love, is your personal responsibility (Shutterstock)

Many of us crumble from the effects of poor mental health. Certainly, experts are not wrong when they caution us that it all starts in the mind. The good news is that mental health, just as self-love, is your personal responsibility. This is how both go hand in hand in forming a better you.

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A de-stressing routine relaxes

As a self-love routine, you may choose exercise as your thing. Going for yoga or tai chi work outs improve blood flow and relax your body and mind. You can also attend a theatrical musical, it can be therapy to you as they soothe.

Any activity that leads to production of more oxytocin, the feel-good hormone, improves your mental well-being. You will feel good about yourself and boost your mental state.

Embracing your inner child

How many times do you fear expressing that burning desire thinking people will judge you wrongly for it? Cut off those thoughts and run with your dream.

Self- love is all about achieving your deepest desires, those that are only true to you. Some may be weird to those around you but still make total sense to you. When you chase your dreams, you develop an inner sense of peace which in turn gives you a better mental health.

More sleep equals better productivity

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We can be caught up with work and other activities so much that we forget the basics. In the bid to love yourself, unwinding methods should top your list. Sleep, being the most natural relaxation method plays a critical role in calming you down. If you can sleep peacefully, you are bound to wake up more productive, creative and content.

When working at a self-set pace without striving to please anyone, you become freer with less stress (Shutterstock)

Lower pressure from other’s achievements

Loving yourself and appreciating your efforts go hand in hand. It assures you of having a non-comparing attitude which would keep you on your toes for the wrong reasons.

Once you decide to debunk other people’s expectations of you as per their standards, you lessen the pressure. You can therefore begin to pace yourself as you achieve your goals in bite sizes. When working at a self-set pace without striving to please anyone, you become freer with less stress.

Take a break recharges you mentally

Sometimes all you need to do is unplug from the world. It is an opportunity to recharge and focus on yourself. When you turn off your phone and redirect your e-mails, you are telling the world that it can continue moving as you refocus your life. This high form of self-love zeros down any outward energy.

You will improve your mental state by locking out the outward pressure once in a while. If anything, it gives us jitters for nothing.

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Prioritize yourself to improve your external relationships

Being social beings, our mental health is strongly ingrained in how we relate with others. Choosing to love yourself first promises to lead into self-improvement. This will transmit your better positive energy to others. You will form better relationships as a result and build a better support system along the way.

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Give yourself a dose of self-love and watch your body improve. It will boost your confidence, enhance your relationships and remove any stressing agent from your surroundings. Your mental health will be stable as a result of this. Love yourself today to enjoy the benefits of inner peace and serenity.


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