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Married sugar daddy, 73, takes former lover to court in bid to get back Sh6.5 million

Patrick Bradley hoped to take civil action against his former mistress (Image: Perthshire Picture Agency)

A married sugar daddy took his former lover to court in a desperate bid to get back the Sh6.5 million (£50,000) he splashed out on her gifts.

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But Patrick Bradley, 73, had his case dismissed after a judge heard he was later arrested for stalking Sheila McKenzie, 56, which caused her "discomfort".

Mr Bradley's behaviour, which went on for seven years, fell short of criminal stalking and the couple only had sex on two occasions.

Nevertheless, the wealthy businessman lavished his lover with a Toyota Avensis worth more than Sh262, 000 (£2,000), renovated three homes for her and gave her other gifts.

Ms McKenzie has since given her daughter the car.

Speaking at Perth Sheriff Court yesterday, Mr Bradley said: "I have taken the average valuation. I am quite prepared to accept a reasonable offer."

But Sheriff William Wood formally dismissed the haulage contractor's bid to sue the woman.

During the criminal trial last year, Mr Bradley admitted falling in love with the hospital worker after having sex with her twice during 2009.

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He told the court he was a wealthy and generous man and had once written a single cheque for his sister for Sh49 million (£375,000).

Shelia McKenzie (left) previously accused the businessman of stalking her (Image: Perthshire Picture Agency)

But Ms McKenzie - who had known Bradley as a family friend since 1993 - said she was ashamed of her affair and had tried without success to break off contact with him.

Michael Sweeney, prosecuting, said: "There's no doubt he has given this lady an insurmountable amount of assistance. However, because he has helped her it doesn't give him carte blanche to act as if he owns her.

"She described herself as being petrified. The pressure mounts up and the sinister element develops. He accepts he is ashamed of what he is doing - hurting a person he is truly fond of.

"The renovations were an example of doing something to have a hold of her."

He told Mr Bradley: "You were playing with her, manipulating her."

During two days of evidence, she said Bradley had paid her mortgage for a period, given members of her family jobs and bought her expensive jewellery and three cars.

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She said: "He wouldn't take any payment for any of them. There's offering support, and then there's taking over."

Mr Bradley spent Sh262, 000 (£2,000) on her for her 50th birthday.

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Mr Bradley said he had paid for extensive renovations and told the court the invoices added up to more than Sh6.5 million (£50,000) plus VAT.

But he said: "I was as embarrassed about the affair as she was.

"I don't understand what you mean by infatuated. She was great company.

"She had no baggage, she had a nice home, and there are people out there who prey on women like that."

The businessman, from Upper Farrochil, Aberfeldy, Perthshire, was found not guilty after a three-day trial of stalking Ms McKenzie between December 13, 2010 and May 11, 2018.

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