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Six fashion mantras to help you rock in 2020

We are here to help you come up with awesome mantras (Shutterstock)

A mantra is something that helps you stay positive and motivated. Mantras are important for everyone because eventually, you start to become what you believe.

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When it comes to fashion, it’s also important to have mantras. We subconsciously notice and judge each other based on what we are wearing on a particular day or occasion.

If you have some fashion goals in mind this new decade, we are here to help you come up with awesome mantras for 2020.

  1. Always dress for the occasion

There is countless times where I look back and cringe at my own fashion choices. I have been guilty of completely ignoring the occasion by wearing what I felt like. I’m glad those days are over because I learnt the hard way, I must admit, to always keep the occasion in mind. Be the best version of yourself by avoiding being overdressed or underdressed and stick to the occasion’s theme.

  1. Black is the new black

Black will always be a closet classic. It’s easy to style because it blends well with different colors and patterns. The little black dress for example, is known to serve many purposes. It can be dressed up and down and it works for every age. You should also consider getting at least one black leather jacket. They blend with most outfits and can easily be styled in an edgy way or a classy way.

It is important to try items before buying them (Shutterstock)
  1. You are unique

Sometimes we see what other people are wearing and naively want to buy the same thing. We don’t keep in mind that what works for someone else might not necessarily work for us. We are all created in a unique way and that’s something we should remember when we’re out shopping. This mantra will also give you more clarity when finding your signature style.

  1. Try before you buy

On the same note, it’s also important to try items before buying them. This will save you from the disappointment of reaching home and realizing something doesn’t fit well or look the way you expected it to. This is especially discouraging when the store you bought from doesn’t have a flexible return or refund policies. Make room in your closet for the things you truly want and save some money meanwhile.

  1. Dress to be remembered rather than noticed

There are so many fashion trends that come up daily and with that, there’s constant pressure to standout by doing the most. If you’re not careful, an attempt to look stylish can easily backfire. Always strive to keep things simple when it comes to style. There is a difference between being remembered and being noticed.

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  1. Confidence goes a long way

The one thing that sets fashionistas apart is self-confidence. Confidence and style go hand in hand so the way you carry yourself radiates even before you speak. Work on ways to build your self-esteem and self-image so that the clothes you wear can give you a boost. This is the very first step of ensuring you rock throughout the New Year.


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