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#WCW: Mýa, gracefully ageing backwards

Mýa clocked 40 years not too long ago, and she honestly looks 20 years younger

If you don’t remember Mýa, you’re probably really young because Mýa Marie Harrison has been a well-known star for years. All the boys had a crush on her and all the little girls wanted to be her. 

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She is an American singer and songwriter.  Some hits we used to jam to back in the day include Fallen, Case Of The Ex (Watcha Gonna Do) and the classic Lady Marmalade.

Mýa clocked 40 not too long ago, and she honestly looks 20 years younger. The talented entertainer is vegan, which is probably what is ageing her backwards. She also uses natural products in her beauty regimen such as coconut oil as a makeup remover and shea butter in place of sunscreen. Take a trip back in time and listen to some Mýa today!

Vegan beauty: One of Mýa's secrets to her youthful beauty is her vegan diet
Carnival queen: these photos honestly speak for themselves
Throwback: This is the Mýa we all remember and love. She has maintained her youthful appearance really well
Body goals: Mýa is all the way natural from her hair to her face to her bangin' bod
Hit maker: Mýa had several hits that we all loved from the late 90s and early 2000s
Tropical vibes: We love this combination of a tropical bikini and tropical scenery
You are what you eat: the singer once said that what you put into your body affects your outward appearance
Work it gurl: with a body like her's, its not surprising that Mýa takes fitness seriously
One with nature: other than being vegan, Mýa has a very calm demeanour with a postive outlook on life
Viral coconut selfie: This image went viral when it was first posted and its very clear why

(Images: Instagram - @myaplanet9)

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