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Girls' night out has a lot more than you imagine

Lady Speak
 Photo: Frank Morrison

My younger brother called me the other day and he was sounding rather annoyed. He and his wife of a few years had had a tiff and they were not in talking terms. They were seeking my wise counsel so they could iron out issues.

Apparently, the wife had asked the husband for permission on a Friday night to go meet her girlfriends, but she came back at an ungodly hour, 2am. While she insisted she was dropped by an Uber guy, my brother insisted it was her boyfriend.

I hate being dragged into such domestic squabbles as the mediator, because when the two finally solve their mess, they may turn the daggers on you.

To avoid being caught in that awkward mess, I listened to my brother’s accusations and then called my sis-in-law to grant her a right of reply.

From my line of thought you already know whose side I’m on. By the way I am the one who hooked them up and I would not recommend a girl of loose morals to my sibling.

“Your kid bro is just being paranoid. I was just at Wangu’s for our usual girls’ night out. We were having so much fun catching up with the girls, I got a bit carried away and stayed until late,” my sister-in-law explained and knowing her, I believed her.

Having listened to both sides of the story, my conclusion was that my kid bro was just being insecure.

“Imagine, this woman is cheating on me., Every month, she has to attend those stupid things she calls girls’ night out. I know she is using those tricks to fool me,” my bro insisted.

“Kwani what do you women do when you go for those things?” he posed.

A lot bro. We eat. Play. Cry. Talk. Talk.

Girls night out can be as wild as lap dancing with hot bachelors in an exotic club. It can also be just an innocent bonding session where a bunch of working mums sit by the fireside and sip hot chocolate and munch cookies.

When I think of a wild girls’ night out, the name that comes to mind is my pal the adventurous Kui.

Kui was that girl in campus who knew the meaning of living life out loud. She studied hard and partied harder. And this is the same fun and adventurous spirit that she has taken to her marriage.

For Kui and her wild friends, a night out with the girls can mean anything from a crazy party in Watamu to a silly karaoke session at a club in Kilimani. For them, wild is the password.

But for some innocent souls like myself and my sister-in law, girls’ night out is a simple bonding session by overwhelmed career mums in a cozy house.

Here, we catch up on the highs and lows of our careers, marriage and house girl manenos...

Once in a while, a sister surprises us with news about pregnancy, or a separation or tells us that they have not been intimate for a year with the hubby. At times, it is just kawaida stuff that give career mamas sleepless nights.

The writer is a married working mother of a toddler boy and a pre-school girl. She shares her experience of juggling between career, family and social life.

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