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Clear signs that your friend is your biggest hater

Just as Mariah Carey sang in her song, 'A No No', “Snakes in the grass it's time to cut the lawn” (Image: Shutterstock)

Whether you call each other ‘girlfriend’, ‘sis’, ‘babe’ or ‘bestie’, what meets the eye is not always the complete truth. Not everyone in this world will be happy for your elevation and success in life and will try to bring you down to their level. This may even be your very own friend from your tight-knit circle.

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As much as your friends may have your back, you also need to have your own back. Just as Mariah Carey sang in her song, A No No, “Snakes in the grass it's time to cut the lawn”. Therefore, below are five clear indicators that your friend is a hater.

  • Everything is a competition

Seeing your friends win is an amazing thing because, either way, your time will eventually come. We are all running this race called ‘life’ but some people get a little too competitive. For example, if you get a promotion at work or get proposed to by your man, a hateful friend will always try to top your big news with something amazing that also happened to them at one point in life. They don’t allow you to relish in your special moment because they are constantly comparing their life to yours.

 It’s totally disrespectful to make belittling comments around other people outside your close circle (Image: Shutterstock)
  • Making fun of you around company

It’s one thing to joke and tease each other when alone, but it’s totally disrespectful to make belittling comments around other people outside your close circle. A friend who does this is trying to bring you down in order to lift themselves up. They especially do this around the company of the opposite sex, to probably make you seem less attractive in their eyes. If you’re around a person they know you really like and chooses that moment to bring up an embarrassing secret of yours, you have a hater on your hands.

  • They don’t show support

You may have gotten an amazing opportunity to engage in an important affair, but your ‘bestie’ is completely free that day and yet doesn’t show up, or comes up with a last-minute excuse. They will deliberately choose not to show up because they don’t want to see you win.

On top of not showing up to show support, they may even belittle your achievements by making snarky comments to make them sound less important than they actually are. That person is a hater!

They don’t allow you to relish in your special moment?s (Image: Shutterstock)
  • They don’t open up to you

Friends are people we typically confide in and share personal information with. We do this in the hope of receiving sound advice on how to deal with whatever we are going through. However, do you notice that they never open up to you or tell you any of their secrets? Such a person may be gathering dirt on you that they will use against you later on. Cut back on exposing your personal life to them if they’re not doing the same.

  • Playing the victim

This person is always offended by you, making you feel like a terrible person. It’s always your fault, you’re always wrong, and you can’t do anything right by them while all along they constantly say and do offensive things to you. This is the case of a person trying to bring you down and make you look like you are Regina George from Mean Girls, while all through your friendship she’s the ‘Regina’.

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