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Fuel it: Tips to curb late night snacking

Late night snacking impacts negatively on your health (Shutterstock)

Late night snacking can impact negatively on your health in numerous ways; it can cause weight gain due to excess calories being consumed at a time when our bodies are burning fewer calories. It can also cause acid reflux and heartburn, insomnia and has even been linked with oesophageal cancer.

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There are several tips you can use to curb late night snacking.

  • Eat often and consistently during the day to prevent a drop in blood sugar, which can cause cravings at night.
  • Boost the amount of protein and fiber you have in your dinner to keep you feeling fuller longer.
  • Set a sleep alarm for two hours after dinner. Cortisol levels drop as night time falls, but rise again if we sleep too late, which cause an increased can urge to snack.
  • If you must snack, pick healthy options such as fruit and nuts, popcorn and yoghurt.

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