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Fashion Friday Inspo: Nancie Mwai, totally levelled up


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Nancie Mwai is a veteran Kenyan fashion blogger. She doesn’t need much of an introduction, especially among local fashion enthusiasts. She got her #GirlBoss mode on when she opened her fashion store, New Level, where you can find unique clothing pieces to level up your outfits!

Nancie is testament to the fact that hard work and consistency pay off. While on campus, she used to buy and sell second-hand clothing while juggling a fashion blog and class work. Although her blog is currently under construction, we’re looking forward to what new things she has in store for us. Popularly known for her unbothered aura, and resting “queen” face, she is an inspiration to aspiring female entrepreneurs.

Everything about these photos screams "glamorous!". From the location, to the poses, to the makeup, to the resting "queen" face!
Nancie is not only super stylish, her makeup game is on point too!
Fab trips in choppers in fab outfits, love!
Everyone that knows Nancie knows that she takes bomb selfies!
Lingerie can be rocked as outerwear, as Nancie has proven and drape your coat over your shoulders to look like a total #BossBabe!
Again with her infamous resting "queen" face!
No one rocks flared pants like Nancie, we love the pop of colour too!

Images: Instagram (@nanciemwai)

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