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Five ways to ensure your child gets enough sleep

Adequate sleep is an essential part of your child's development (Photo: Shutterstock)

Sleep is one of the most crucial aspects of survival. You need enough rest in order to get through the next day in a productive and efficient way. It is unhealthy when you constantly break bedtime routines and ignore the importance of taking time off to reboot.

When you don’t get enough sleep, you end up being irritable, forgetful and unmotivated. Over time these effects develop into more severe health conditions that are totally avoidable.

When it comes to your kids, getting enough sleep is just as important. They will be able to concentrate in school, be less anxious and more productive in other activities that are essential for child development.

To help your child get enough snooze time try these great tips for assured results.

1. Make sleep a priority

When it comes to ensuring that bedtime is maximized, you should create a proper sleep schedule just like homework schedules, meal times and other important activities. Teach them that sleep is just as important as other activities so that they become more responsive to bedtimes. When you are strict on this, they will be more inclined to finish other activities early and be in bed when they are required to be.

2. Get into a bedtime and morning routine

In order to ensure they sleep well, condition your kids to sleep and wake up at a certain time every day. This is important because their bodies will begin to get into the routine and get used to sleeping and waking up at a certain time. Our minds usually respond to predictable routines. This is therefore a great way to ensure your kids get enough sleep and wake up feeling refreshed.

Avoid screen time just before bed. Instead opt for a story book (Photo by from Pexels)


3. Manage screen time


In these modern times, many kids already own phones and tablets while others have personal televisions in their rooms. There is no denying that these are all great sources of entertainment for the modern child. On the other hand however, these same devices are a source of distraction because they take away your child’s focus when it’s time for bed. Furthermore, these devices emit harmful lights that prevent your kids from getting quality sleep. In order to ensure they get enough rest, you must be as strict as possible when it comes to screen time.

4. Create a relaxed atmosphere before bed

This is also an essential step to ensuring they get enough sleep. Some children like to listen to gentle music, have a warm cup of milk before bedtime while others like to read a book before they sleep. You can also get dimmed lights that induce sleep and make bedtimes easier. This relaxed atmosphere will prepare your child for sleep psychologically as compared to distracting environments.

5. Have the right meals before bed

This is also a key step in making sure that they get proper rest. If you are having big meals, make sure that they have them at a reasonable time in order to ease digestion. Also, ensure that they are well fed to prevent them from feeling hungry by the time bedtime approaches. Children often get grumpy and irritable when they are too full or too hungry.

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