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Kitchen gadget: Pasta pot

A pasta pot makes cooking pasta easier (Photo: Amazon)

“Mum, are we having spaghetti for dinner today”? Your young one asks. “Yes we are, give me a couple of minutes to get it ready.” You know it will not take too long since you have the right pot for cooking spaghetti. A pasta pot.

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The pasta pot is a favourite kitchen gadget among foodies as it makes cooking pasta simple. It consists of a large pot and a smaller insert with holes that fit into the larger pot. The smaller pot with holes makes it easy to strain your pasta. Simply bring water to a boil and add your pasta. When cooked to al dente (firm to the bite), lift the inner pot that has the holes. Pour your pasta into a serving dish and serve.

Pasta pots come in an array of colours and sizes depending on the brand you choose. I got a stainless steel one because I find it easy to keep clean and care for.

I bought mine on Amazon but they are available in other online stores. Price varies depending on brand and size for Sh5, 000 or more.

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