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Six ways to take care of your hands and nails

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While you may not pay as much attention to other parts of your body as you do your face, hair and waistline, your hands and nails are sometimes neglected.

Contrary to popular belief, the state of your hands and nails says a lot about you. People notice how they look like when you stretch out your hand to greet clients or even during or daily encounters with others.

Maintaining healthy hands and nails doesn’t always have to be stressful and time consuming. Quite the contrary!

There are many simple ways in which you can take care of them without spending too much time and money. Here are some.

1. Moisturize

This is perhaps the most essential way to keep them healthy. Nails and hands naturally have some oil layer to protect them from bacteria and keep them moisturized. However, it is recommended that you invest in lotions and oils in order to boost the moisture levels especially after doing chores and washing your hands. It is therefore a good idea to keep a small bottle of lotion in your bag that will come in handy when you are on the move.

2. Get a manicure

While it may not be everyone’s cup of tea, getting a manicure should be part of your monthly self-care routine. Manicures are a great way to keep your hands and nails in top shape either at salons or at home. If you want a more pocket-friendly way, consider looking up tutorials on how to do simple manicures at home and buy your own tools. The other option is booking regular appointments at your favourite salon. And trust me, you will get to enjoy every moment of it.

3. Hygiene

This is very essential when you want to maintain heathy nails and hands. Your hands gather a lot of dirt and bacteria on a daily basis. When you touch other parts of your body, say your face, or eat without washing your hands, you spread this dirt and bacteria leading to unpleasant skin rashes and other infections. As you shower, use a nail brush to remove the dirt that is lodged under the nails as a way to keep them clean and healthy.

Also, it is important to ensure you disinfect your tools after use or stick to a salon with good hygiene practices. It is easy to get infections through tools that are not properly cleaned which will eventually cost you unnecessary medical bills. Always factor this is when searching for a new salon for manicure services.

4. Health and diet factors

Good hands and nails also require proper diet. Your nails reflect deficiencies in proteins and other nutrients that may be lacking in your diet. Include fruits and veggies in your meals to maintain healthy nails and hands. Also, be very observant in order to see signs of serious health issues. If you notice unusual dark spots, discolorations, etc., ensure that you visit your doctor immediately.

5. Protect your hands

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When doing chores, our hands often get in contact with corrosive cleaning chemicals that leave our hands feeling dry and our nails looking weak and brittle. It is therefore important to invest in good and durable gloves that will keep your hands protected as you carry out your usual chores.

6. Moderation on gel manicures and extensions

Gel manicures require you to sit under a UV light. Constant exposure to this light dries the skin severely and can cause cancer in severe cases. Moreover, these extensions can possibly corrode your nail bed which needs some time to repair itself. In order to maintain healthy hands and nails, take breaks in between sessions so that they get some breathing space and recovery time.

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