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Seven myths about acne debunked

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Acne is a skin condition that affects many people at one point in their lifetime.

For some, this is a daily struggle that requires care to reduce breakouts and scarring from the pimples. As the world becomes more aware of the factors surrounding acne, more myths are being debunked all the time.

Below are some of the myths that have busted about acne you should stop believing and holding yourself to.

1. It’s only a physical thing

Most people might think that acne only affects someone physically. As more research on the condition continues to emerge, we get to understand that it can affect your self-esteem. People with acne might feel embarrassed about their breakouts which affects their daily interactions with others. Society should be more aware and understanding when it comes to acne awareness.

2. It will go away on its own

In the past, many people believed that acne should be able to fade away without any treatment. Some have also believed that it will fade away with mild toothpaste treatments. The truth is, true solutions are mostly found once you visit qualified specialists who will recommend the right steps to take. Be careful when trying DIY treatments from the internet. Remember these just provide a temporary solution and you might need professional help.

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3. Acne is caused by dirt

Some people assume that acne is as a result of dirt in the air or even poor hygiene practices. The fact is that the root cause of acne is either hormonal or genetic where the skin follicles become clogged by excess oil. Once they are clogged, the follicles become inflamed thus causing a breakout. Often, you might still get a breakout when you have a perfect hygiene routine. Having a good hygiene routine helps to keep breakouts at bay but does not entirely prevent occasional pimples.

4. You should not moisturize if you have acne

People with acne also need to moisturize their skin because it can also get dry and dehydrated. The purpose of moisturizing is to keep the skin hydrated whether you have acne or not. If you have breakouts, switch from oil-based moisturizers to oil-free ones. These ones have specifically been designed to prevent further clogging of pores.

5. You should never use makeup

Another myth surrounding acne is that you should never use foundation, powders or any other types of makeup. The myth is that they always cause breakouts and should, therefore, be avoided. Just like oil-free moisturizers, there are also oil-free make up products in the market. Some have also been designed to mask the redness that is caused by breakouts. People with acne can still enjoy their favourite beauty products either way so don’t shy away from ‘beating’ your face once in a while.

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6. It is contagious

No, acne is not contagious. In the past, some have assumed that being next to someone with acne will cause them to get acne as well. This myth has been debunked because acne is genetic and hormonal and is definitely not an airborne condition. If that was the case we would all have acne.

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7. Acne is only for teenagers

Despite this myth having been debunked for a long time, it refuses to die. Although teenage years are filled with all sorts of hormones that cause breakouts, it is not only exclusive to teenagers. Sometimes, the condition can even extend into your thirties and forties. Although it is often easier to treat in adulthood, it is not only limited to teens.

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