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MCM: Omari Hardwick, is one sexy Ghost

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Omari Latif Hardwick is our favourite 'drug dealing' boss. You’d think him beating individuals to a pulp will put us off the show. But, on the contrary, every time he swings at a person and his muscles are flexed, they add about 10 more years to our lives. Not to mention the man looks sinfully dashing in a fitted suit.

Unless you’re new here, the rules are pretty simple. With all protocol observed, proceed:

Well, he's mad. But he's hot mad, so its okay (Photo:[email protected])


He looks so adorable here, you'd never think he can kill you with a stapler (Photo:[email protected])


Ghost: "Are you lying to me?" Us: "It depends on what you'll do to us" (Photo:[email protected])


Is it possible to do the same to our clothing? (Photo:[email protected])


We like you riding that bike... we really do (Photo:[email protected])


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Stare down at me like that and poof, I need to get a test kit (Photo:[email protected])


See what I said about flexed muscles? Such a wow (Photo:[email protected])


Aiyy papi, Ghost meets Pablo Escobar, don't call the DEA (Photo:[email protected])


Honestly YES, just YES! (Photo:[email protected])

How's that for a wake up call? This Nairobi is cold, how about you share the heat?

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