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Fashion inspo: Maureen Waititu, your honour

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Maureen Waititu, lawyer and mummy of two, is a well-known face on the streets of Instagram and Youtube. The influencer is also a TV host and a beauty enthusiast. Her style: always trendy and whatever she wears fits her body perfectly! Are we jealous? Yes, very much so.

Just casually standing there looking like a whole meal (image:[email protected])


Pretty in pink (image:[email protected])


Slay us mama, slay us! (image:[email protected])


Blue is totally your colour (image:[email protected])


Cat woman meets superwoman (image:[email protected])


Super comfy, super cute (image:[email protected])


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Giving us leg, smile and beauty. We stan (image:[email protected])


Bow down to the Wakanda Queen (image:[email protected])


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