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My word: Living for the moment

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Tomorrow is World Chocolate Day and I am eating a piece of chocolate as I write this.

I haven’t eaten much chocolate in recent years and now that I have it in my hand, I’m getting that feeling people like to call FOMO, the feeling of missing out.

I remember binging on chocolate in my younger years when my throat and waist could handle the amount of sugar every piece injected into my body.

Those were the carefree days when the pleasure of eating chocolate wasn’t spoiled by conflicting articles that pop up whenever you hit the internet.

“Chocolate is good for your heart!” “Chocolate is terrible for your heart!”

“Chocolate is good for your sex life!”

“Avoid chocolate, it will turn you into a mutant before 2050 and you won’t live to see the newly discovered planet called Ross.”
OK, no one has actually ever said that (but there apparently really is a newly discovered planet named Ross 123 b... and it might be able to support life. )

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So I’m eating chocolate, Googling chocolate facts and sticking my tongue out at some of them.

Like this article, “7 reasons why chocolate is bad for you” that reads, “that chocolate is acidic in nature and acidic foods tend to increase the acid in your stomach.”

It might be true but I’m eating chocolate today anyway.
Tomorrow, the actual World Chocolate Day, will take care of itself, thank you very much.

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