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Plaiting hair paid my bills: Queenter Mbori-Saina opens up about her campus life

Queenter Mbori-Saina

Queenter Mbori-Saina is an Editor with The Standard Group and the President Standard Group Women Network.

What is your alma mater?                                                  

I went to Moi University’s Main Campus to pursue a Bachelor’s Degree in Education Arts in English Language and Literature.

What are the misconceptions on the course you studied?

That education graduates must end up in classrooms. Hard work, experience and persistence opens a world of opportunities. That Rita Kavashe, Managing Director of GM East Africa Ltd and one of my role models, graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Education from Moi University in 1991 is ample proof. The other is that they make good wives. I leave this to marriage counsellors.

Which was your favorite unit?

Linguistics and related sub areas including phonetics, phonology, morphology, syntax etc. Speech is universal and it was exciting to learn about origin of words and languages, its applications and modern day relevance.

What was your worst unit?

Development concepts had too many theories. In addition, lectures were scheduled in the afternoons in Lecture Theatre one, a cold lecture hall with uncomfortable metallic seats.

Who was your favourite lecturer?

I am torn between Prof Amuka and Prof Tom Mboya. The former was more than a lecturer. He was wise and fatherly; not forgetting that he kept reminding me how my father taught him at AgoroSare High School. Prof Tom Mboya, on the other hand, taught me how to be confident in life.

Did you have side hustles?

Yes, I did. Right from my first year in campus, I have a hidden talent that I explored to run a hair salon from my room in F Houses and later from Ngeria Hall 5. Plaiting hair paid the bills.

How did you manage your finances?

Thankfully, there was no Fuliza. However, on a serious note, I kept most of it at Post Bank that back then did not even have ATM cards. The thought of going to town kept me grounded and disciplined.

Did you date in campus?

Yes I did. I made good friends. My heart was broken a few time and I broke a few hearts too.  Moral of the story is that my hubby of ten years now was also my campus sweetheart.

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Your best and worst moments in campus.

Graduation day was bittersweet. Whereas friends and family surrounded me, the person I really wanted to witness that moment was no more. Losing my dear mother in third year was a real low moment in campus.

Advice to campus students?

Choices have consequences. You will pay dearly for wrong choices. Finally, failure is not final.  Not having a degree certificate does not stop you from job-hunting. Start now with what you have, the experience is good for your CV, besides learning never ends.

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