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Jessamyn Stanley: Yoga for every body

Jessamyn Stanley

Jessamyn Stanley is a yoga teacher, body-positivity advocate, wellness blogger and author. The 31-year-old first started practicing yoga at home while she was going through a period of depression, focusing on learning as many poses as possible. She quickly realised that yoga resonated with her because it allowed her to reflect internally.

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Growing up, Jessamyn spent the vast majority of her life trying to change her body. Practicing yoga forced her to confront the negativity with which she viewed herself. She realised that she was apologising for existing and started working on her relationship with her body through yoga.

While she didn’t start out intending to inspire women, she has since embraced that her practice is helping dismantle people’s expectations of what yoga looks like, and encourages more people who don’t traditionally see themselves reflected in yoga spaces to try it for themselves.

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