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How to know if your partner is cheating on you

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Infidelity is the act of having a romantic or sexual relationship with someone else other than one’s sexual partner. Nowadays it's easier to know if your partner is cheating on you as compared to earlier.

This is because of the text messages, emails, social media platforms and online credit cards which usually leaves a careless cheater with an electronic affair trail and later arouses suspicions.

Unless you have an undisputable evidence, your partner will always deny of cheating. We should therefore be on the lookout for certain changes in their behaviours.

1. Sudden demand for privacy

Your partner suddenly has several passwords on their phones.

They decide to call and text secretly when you are not watching. Sometimes they hang up a call immediately the phone rings and when you ask they will simply say it’s nobody.

They may also start going with their phones to the bathroom and sometimes keeping it on silent or rather keeping it facing downwards.

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You should check if your partner suddenly deletes all messages unlike before. If he does, then you should be cautious.

2. Notable changes in sex drive

Normally, when your partner is cheating, your intimate encounters may be improve or lessen depending on the partner.

When your partner is sleeping with another man or woman, he or she may have or less energy when you want to have intercourse with them.

On the other hand, he or she can boost the level of intimacy at home to conceal the fact that they are having an affair out of their marriage or relationships.

Be on the lookout for new sexual techniques which might have been introduced them to their partners.

3. Surprising you with unexpected gifts

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A cheating partner may adopt a new habit of suprising you with unexpected gifts.Sometimes these gifts are things left in the car by their partners or this comes as make up for cheating.

4. Sudden business trips and vacations

If your partner suddenly tells you they are going for business meeting or vacations without you, that raises an alarm because they could be going with other partners or they could be spending the days at their partner’s houses.

5. Be careful to notice in any changes of scent

Be careful to notice if your partner  suddenly comes home with a totally different scent.

If you are suspicious of him or her cheating, run to hug and kiss them to notice any changes in the way they smell. If they try to push away, it would be out of guilt. You should then start being cautious and find possible evidences.

6. Sometimes they don’t wear their wedding rings

This is to show that they don’t want to show people they are in any kind of commitments.

7. Lipstick on shirts or hair

For ladies, if you find any lipstick  stain that is not your shade, then you should be alarmed.

You should also be aware if you have hugged or kissed that day to have left a mark on his lips, t-shirt or hair. if not, keep a close watch on him.

8. Late night meetings

Probably they are spending time with their new friends. Always be cautious and pay close attention to new friends that he or she will start talking about when they are late.


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