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Six mantras that will improve your self-esteem this year

Lady Speak
 This year, embrace the healing properties that affirmations have (Shutterstock)

A mantra is an empowering statement that inspires positive change. These statements are meant to be repeated often and this usually has a great impact on your mental and physical health.

Mantras are very essential for everyday life and many of us already include them in our routines. It’s what keeps you motivated to achieve tasks that are hard and, in a way, they help you to transform into the best version of yourself.

This year, let's embrace the healing properties that affirmations have.

If you’ve been struggling with low self-esteem and anxiety, this could be the perfect way to start your recovery process.

1.I am worthy of receiving love

Many people carry the emotional burden of feeling unworthy of love.

This might drive you to a place where you are constantly giving too much of your energy to others, such that you completely forget that you are worthy of receiving the love you need.

This mantra will remind you to first, give yourself the support you need and then open yourself up to receiving support from others as well.

2.I have a unique destiny

Low self-esteem can convince you that you are a total loser. It will tell you that you’re not enough even when you’ve managed to achieve so many things in your life.

Everyone on this earth has a unique purpose and destiny, and that includes you. The key to appreciating your own journey is doing your best every day and inviting gratitude into your life.

It’s the daily steps you take that guide you towards your unique journey.

3.I love that I am imperfectly perfect

A common disease that’s troubling the world right now is self-comparison. We target our imperfections and put ourselves down for not having the best hair, skin, nose shape, height, waist and everything else.

This mantra will help you realize that your imperfections are there for a reason. There is no such thing as perfection and it’s better to embrace your flaws because that is how you were created.

 Know that we all have a unique destiny (Shutterstock)

4.I have the discipline I need

Aside from using mantras daily, the self-esteem recovery process involves effort in other areas like working out and eating healthy.

This year, many of us are looking to turn things around as far as healthy living is concerned so a good way to keep yourself focused is to instill that discipline within yourself through your daily affirmations.

You will have the positive mindset to keep up with your workout routine and the excitement to skip the unhealthy food for healthier options.

5.I can overcome

Having esteem problems isn’t anything to joke about. It can lead you to the path of self-destruction and attract people into your life who’s only aim is to prey on your weaknesses.

As you begin to do some inner work, you can encourage yourself by remembering that you are capable of overcoming the problems you have.

The process will take time but when you already have the correct mindset, you will build the courage to persevere until you make it through.

6.I will create a positive impact everyday

Everyone’s life journey is a story. There are some good times where things are going great and bad seasons where you’re not the best you can be.

Either way, we can appreciate our own journeys and lessons we learn along the way. With that attitude, you can create a positive learning story for someone else. This could be a friend who looks up to you or your kids who would love to learn something from you.

When you start making those changes every day, you open doors for others around you to get on the same path. This will give you motivation and a purpose, which in turn boosts your self-esteem.

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