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What fit-bottomed girls do

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For time we spend sitting on them, they are also inclined to be the most dormant. In order to keep them firm and perky, focus on exercises that activate and target all the muscles in your bum

1.      Lateral squat walk

 Before you start your workout, activate your glutes so they are working throughout your workout. Starting in a squat position, take ten steps sideways in each direction, staying low throughout.

2.      Wall bridge

 Lie on your back with your palms on the floor and both feet flat on a wall, keeping knees bent at 90 degrees. Squeeze your butt and raise your hips as high as you can. Repeat for ten counts.

3.      Clamshells

  Lie on your side with your knees bent and feet stacked, resting your head in one hand. Keeping your feet together, lift your knee up and out and return to start. Repeat for ten counts each side.

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4.      Reverse lunge lift

Stand in a split stance, step back into a lunge then come up with a straight rear leg and pulse at the top.


Get over burnout like a boss

   Modern day living creates a culture of urgency and immediacy that encourages us to be switched on and plugged in at all times, which can lead to mental and physical burnout.

Do you feel:

·         Constantly tired even when you get enough rest

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·         Unable to get a full night’s sleep

·      Resentful of people’s expectations of you

·         Unrewarded and demoralised for the effort you put into things

·        Ineffective or unsuccessful despite your output

If you can relate to those symptoms then it is time to take steps to restore yourself.

 The first step to recovering from burnout is taking real time off, switching off completely from work or even friends or family. It is also important to set boundaries, both physical and mental, and develop ways to communicate them effectively. Finally, decide how much of your time you are willing to give up to anything other than self-care. 


 Eat carbs guilt free

 Carbohydrates are the fuel that powers our bodies but in recent years, carbs have been vilified as the main culprit in fat gain.

 If like most people you have a love-hate relationship with carbs, understanding glycaemic index (G.I) will help you still enjoy carbs guilt-free.

 Instead of simply classifying carbs as simple or complex, the Glyceamic Index recognises that foods with the same amount of carbs can still digest at different rates, and ranks different carbs accordingly.

 Although digestion rate varies from person to person, affected by factors such as age, activity levels and even how food is prepared, in general, low GI foods raise your blood sugar levels slower than high GI foods, preventing increased production of insulin and helping you maintain your weight and overall health.

 Choosing healthy, low GI foods helps keep the munchies away and works wonders for your waistline.

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