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Rock these braids hair styles and slay!

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If you’re looking for something to jazz up your hair, think of braids that are not only feminine but a sure way to give your hair the much-needed break it requires and protection from the harsh environment. What makes this style an ethnic favorite is the fact that you can wear them for months and there is a style to cater to every creative mind.

With versatility ranging from micro braids, crotchet braids, tree braids to normal braids, you can never go wrong. When rocking these braids, it is about time you amped up your look with cute accessories like floral headbands for a boho chic look or keep it simple with two tone or ombre braids. In short, make it your own.

To get you started on that journey, here are five braids inspiration you should consider for your next hairdo.


For a short hair break before you think of what to do next, goddess braids are the best option. Give it a twist and go for chunky twist braids that look amazeballs.


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Double braids have been around for a long time but this time, it is all about how intricate it can get. Think fishtail and small cornrows intertwined.


If you love holding your hair up then consider a braided ponytail. Not only does it not pull and tag on your edges but it can last longer depending on the size.


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Another interpretation for normal braids is making curves to create a more aesthetically appealing style.


Long box braids continue to be all the rage. Do it differently by fusing normal box braids with bantu knots on top.


If you want to make a statement this is one way to go. Sweep your hair to the side and twist leaving a few strands out to create a cute messy look.

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