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Signs you need a friendship breakup

Girl Talk
 Some factors may lead you to end a once flourishing relationship (Photo: Shutterstock)

Friendships are usually happy, mutual and satisfying relationships. However, in some cases, they turn to be the relationships we need to keep off from the most. Some common factors may lead you to end a once flourishing relationship. They include the following.

Excess drama

Have you realized that your friend always seems to bring so much heat and clutter in your life? It could include a series of events that paint you badly, constant acts of embarrassment or just consistently making you rub shoulders with people. All this drama is emotionally and mentally draining, continually making your relationship horrible. To a great degree your friendship will either require you to halt it or you end up being drained. 

Constant competition

Whereas successful relationships need cooperation to bloom, the toxic one you're in could be due to the constant competition. Competitive natures are not bad, but when they metamorph into situations where you have to constantly feel as if you are being chocked and in a bar of achievement, something is wrong. You'll need to break off it because issues of envy arise, which shouldn't be the case. 


Having a jealous friend is one of the worst experiences. A jealous friend doesn't look out for you, rather looks for ways that are pleasing to them. It may get to a point where your friend get a to sabotage your success because they can't think of you being more successful than them. Ensure you only keep friends who want the best for you, most genuinely. 

Not keeping secrets

Imagine telling someone your innermost secrets, then you see them splashed on social media or on everyone's lips. It won't auger well with you. This person will have literally broken your trust and undeserving of the friend title.

Constant Criticism 

It's important to give credit where it's due. When something is off, your friends needs to tell you that you were wrong in a good way of correction. Negative criticism is more about ruining your self esteem instead of uplifting you. If your friend does this constantly, they are being emotionally abusive. To end this cycle, a friendship breakup is inevitable.

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