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Photos: Pastor Burale and his daughter are family goals!

“Whoever dates my daughter will be in trouble. I will need certificates of good conduct up to his 10th generation” Pastor Burale once said!

Well, if you are wondering which daughter he is talking about, a quick peek at his social media accounts shows the pastor flaunting his young girl Lexie, with both having a great time and even singing out fun gospel tunes with beautiful captions like:

“The only girl who melts my heart”

Considering that he is quite the public figure, Burale is redefining fatherhood in a refreshing way, showcasing different facets of a father-daughter relationships and occasionally talking about the joys of co-parenting despite the fact that he is divorced.

Long gone are the days when a father was to be heard and not seen because the children feared harsh encounters. Today, more dads are easy to deal with and in unique cases, you will see the fun dads on Instagram because today’s social structures are highly digital.

For Burale, he and his daughter have had, salon dates, barbershop activities, movies, you name it!

When daddy takes daughter to the salon. The things we get up to.

With many social media fans asking Burale to start fatherhood classes and some single mothers asking him to reach out to the deadbeat dads, we can only hope that the Pastor is able to spread the word and share the tips.

In the meantime, here are the father daughter photos:

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