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These are the shoes that will make you conquer the world at the office


Dressing for work is an integral part of a job. Due to women’s versatile fashion, there is going to be a lot of thought put into what is chosen as work attire, more reason why women may have a closet full of clothes with nothing to wear. It is important that you get the workplace memo when it comes to the dress code. Here are 5 types of shoes we think are perfect for conquering the world at the office.

  • Neutral colored closed pump

As they tend to go with anything in the closet, to help with the decision on what to wear. Choose an elegant pair of shoe that is simple but a classic. Ensure that they are comfortable, four inches or less and can last long. A good pair of heel could be expensive, do not hold out from investing in quality.

  • Bejeweled/ embellished patterned flat shoes

 To break the monotony from plain colored shoes, this can be the next best option. Just a little pattern here and a dainty jewel there could set the shoe apart and keep it interesting while still keeping it formal and classy.

  • Brogues

For the contemporary offices, there isn’t quite a dress code as long as you keep it respectful and appropriate for your work. These go very well with skinny jeans and are comfortable. Platforms are a must have now as they are more like a cross between heels and flats.

  • Two-inch sandal heels

Wearing flat sandals to the office could be the most awkward thing. Some formal offices do not accept those because they are more like bathroom slippers than shoes. This little heel can be the excuse that helps your toes escape on some days.

  • Loafers

You will understand why men’s shoes are more comfortable when you own and wear the female loafer.  Most are made from leather making them durable. These are perfect for those that move a lot from meetings to sites and prefer having their feet on the ground than perch.


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