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Five genius ways to get your man turned on

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  • Women have the power to sexually turn on any man in a few seconds
  • Men can easily get turned on compared to women

1. Use eye contact- Women have the option of using makeup to enhance their beauty, applying the right amount of eye makeup can help you get a man’s attention. Give him the sexy look with your eyes and hold it for a few seconds. This will make him drop dead in his tracks. According to Charlee Brotherton, a matchmaker “So much can be transmitted through how you look at someone and how you move around them.” Without locking them in a death stare, use your eyes to put a spell on your man. Exude a sexual energy, and it will be reciprocated.”

?2.  Talk dirty- There are many ways you can turn on a man without touching him and talking dirty is one of the best ways. When you need to heat up a long term relationship and always make him want you, talking about sex will arouse him. Dr Jenn Mann, a physiotherapist and an author says, “Talking dirty is great for couples for a number of reasons. Combining the physical (you just might be touching yourself while texting, if you are really good with your fingers!) with verbally erotic material is a powerful combination. This kind of talk/text helps you verbalize what you like and want.”

3. Share your fantasy- Most women if not all, have had their own fantasies when it comes to sex. Tell your man about these fantasies, how you would like to have a threesome or the things you imagine him doing to you. Ian Kerner, a sex expert and author, says that talking to your man about your sexual fantasies will help ‘stimulate the mind in a new way and can lead to unbelievable sex.’

4. Massage him- According to Sharon Moalem, an author of ‘How Sex Works’, “Stress is one of the biggest obstacles when it comes to arousal for men”. Massaging his shoulders and feet will help him relax and thus make him concentrate fully on you.

5. Try the 90 seconds make out- 90 seconds might seem like a very short time but can do wonders. Passionate kissing and touching for 90 seconds is enough to make him aroused and yearn for more. “It doesn’t always have to lead to sex, though it certainly can. But even that short amount of time is enough to get you hot and build anticipation for the next time you can touch each other, ”says Ian Kerner. 

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