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This is what you get when you sleep with your male best friend

Lady Speak

It is normal for a lady and man to have friends of the opposite sex but there should be boundaries laid for those platonic friendships. Most of us fail to keep the boundaries! Temptations are blown in our minds and the devil works in wonders you have never seen. So, you start liking this tall, lean, bald and melanin best friend of yours because he is your type of man but you know he is your best friend. Of course, you are attracted to him and you make the first move to see how it goes. Yes, he gives in and the next thing is, you are now having sex even after the boundaries were laid as the friendship began blossoming.

Once you have slept with your male friend there are lots you will deal with but these are the main ones:

Jealous of his new catch

This happens when your male best friend gets his half rib just after you got in between the sheets with him. This will be the end of you, darling. First of all, jealousy will eat you up because he never chose you even after admitting you like him. Just picture him introducing you to the new girl, how awkward it would be?

Since your male bestie wants to be real and hundred with the girlfriend, he opens up about that day/those days you have slept together; you might lose your guy bestie forever even if you knew him for 10+ years.

You don’t want to go through that? So just keep it cool as best friends, nothing more till you both feel like you should try it.

Judgements and opinions from his peers and himself

He is your best friend and you talked to him when that potential snaked you on the first date or your many heartbreaks. Since you slept with him, it will be hard to share those moments because maybe he will have a different perception about you.He had  introduced you to his gang of his friends and you connected. Later on, he spills beans that you guys slept together. There will be less talks and colored perceptions among his friends.

NB: Ladies, men talk and gossip more than us!

Your friendship will never be the same even after 10 years

No matter how long you have known each other, the friendship will wrap up. Even if you met the mother and she was hoping that you may be her daughter-in-law. That is all in the past and she could even hate you. If you cherish your friendship with him,stay within the boundaries you both set and make memories as the great friends you are.




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