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I don’t know the hour, date, day, month or even year when I will have my daughter. Heck!!! I don’t even know if I will ever have a daughter at all. But anyway, I will still pen down this letter for her. Just in case…

Dear daughter,

This is from your mommy’s heart to you lovely heart. As you step out to conquer the world, know that it is not going to be a smooth ride. It has never been a smooth ride for anyone. Life is a journey full of hurdles, a journey that has never been fair to anyone. But we still press on. And that is what is expected of you as well. Press on.

See, being a daughter and a girl for that matter, isn’t a rosy affair. At least not always. As a teenager, you will become so insecure about your looks, shape, walking style… you name it! Don’t beat yourself up girl! lt is just a stage that you have to go through. Embrace yourself and accept the things that you can’t change.

Dear daughter, people will always have opinions and what’s more? People will always talk behind your back and judge you. Never hold back your plans because you are afraid of what people are going to say about you. In life, you will make so many mistakes but there will always be a room to redeem yourself. Don’t just sit down and cry over spilt milk.

My daughter, let me be honest with you. Life will not give you lemons to make the proverbial lemonade out of them. Instead, life will give you reasons to be angry, to cry, to hate, to shout, to be miserable and even hopeless. All these may weigh down on you but you will have to pick yourself up, dust yourself and trudge on! That is the only way to survive.

It is very much okay to cry. If you feel you can’t take it anymore, close yourself up, cry, shout and wail. Let it all out and you will feel so much better. It helps, trust me. Never be afraid of asking for help. Even if you ask two people and they are not willing to help, ask a third and a fourth. There is a reason the world has billions of people. Another thing, never be afraid to speak your mind. It is your opinion and it should be heard. Do not shy away, tongues will still wag.

At some point in life, no one will have faith in you. Even me as your mum I might give up on you. You have only yourself to trust. When such a time comes, do not be swayed! This is the highest point to prove everyone wrong. Go ahead and outdo yourself. Trust me, you have much more power than you can ever know. It is within. Push yourself beyond the limits.

Never apologize for making the right decisions. Some of the decisions you will make will lead you to losing some friends and this may not sit so well with them. They may resort to making you feel guilty about it. Do not bulge girl. Put your head high and push on. It is not your place to make everyone happy.

Lovely daughter, you will fall in love. Love is a beautiful thing. But there is a catch! You will get heartbroken at least once. They say you will kiss so many frogs before you find Mr. Right. That’s true but again, tread carefully. Fall in love but don’t let it blind you. Another crucial thing, do not let what a man brings to the table be all you have to eat. Have some money of your own. That will give you some sense of security and no man will use you as a doormat since they are maintaining you.

Last and most important, always be thankful and acknowledge God in whatever you do. Even when you think there is nothing to be thankful about, be thankful because there are a million reasons to be thankful every second. Remember you are because God is.



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