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6 reasons why you should hug your child everyday

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  • Your children not only need to know they are loved but need to feel loved.
  • The power of hugs cannot be underestimated. According to Dr Natalie Epton a Specialist Pediatrician and Neonatologist, she states that ‘’hugging your baby has numerous benefits, including better-regulated breathing and heart rate, temperature and blood sugar levels, as well as initiating breastfeeding earlier and sustaining it for longer.

Studies on premature babies show that the practice of ‘kangaroo care’ (cuddling the baby skin-on-skin) improves weight gain, reduces breathing complications and is associated with earlier hospital discharge.’’

According to New Age parents, for young babies, the role of affectionate touch is even more important as it has a direct impact on their physical and psychological development. The benefits of human touch extend through to childhood and can impact a child’s cognitive and emotional development.

With that said, here are more reasons why you should hug your child every day.

  1. Hugs helps them feel safe and secure

This physical intimacy builds trust and a deep sense of safety which helps them enjoy the world around them. Hugs make them feel unconditionally accepted by the family and it makes them feel like they belong somewhere. This in turn makes them willing to learn paving way for honest communication.

  1. Builds their self esteem

The love and care you give your children will destroy or build their self-esteem. The power is in your hands. A simple hug can tremendously boost their self esteem knowing your love is unchanging. This will build their confidence knowing they will always have someone in their corner no matter what.

  1. It teaches them how to give

Hugs are a two-way street. Children will learn and appreciate the warmth of receiving a hug and the emotions it carries with it and eventually they will begin to understand its value and reciprocate it.

  1. It reduces stress

It is medically proven that skin to skin contact has numerous health benefits including lowering cortisol levels, a stress hormone. This partly explains the deep bond mothers have with their children due to the amount of time they spend holding infants.

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  1. Boosts immune system

This is another proven benefit that shows gentle pressure on the sternum and the emotional charge this creates stimulates the thymus gland. This regulates and balances the body’s production of white blood cells which keeps you healthy and disease free.

  1. Makes them happy

A simple hug can make you feel better. This is because it raises serotonin levels which elevate bad moods and create happiness. They are antidotes for loneliness, anger and stress which our children encounter. So go ahead and give your son or daughter that much needed bear hug.

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