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Here are five intimacy-related questions that women are embarassed of asking

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Lots of us still get a bit nervous and awkward when it comes to talking about sex. Speaking openly about what happens in the bedroom is still a big no no for some people.

But this means there are some questions we never ask, and we can end up wondering and worrying about them for a very long time.

And not knowing the answer means some women are missing out on the sex they really want, because they're worried it's not normal.

Thankfully Woman's Health has answered five of the most awkward sex questions we're normally too scared to ask.

1. Is it normal for a straight woman to get turned on by girl-on-girl porn?

Yes . A study by the University of Toronto found women aren't normally turned on by porn they can relate to. Men are the opposite, and tend to be aroused by images that matched their sexual orientation, so a straight man would get turned on by straight porn.

2. Is it normal to masturbate five times a week?

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Yes . Masturbating is completely normal. As well as for pleasure, many women use it as a way to relieve stress or simply to fall asleep.

Dr. Kelly Suschinsky told Women's Health : "As long as it’s not causing a problem in your relationship or interfering with your wider life, then just enjoy it."

3. Is it normal that I prefer anal sex to vaginal sex?

Yes. Many studies suggest that woman who have anal sex actually have more orgasms.

4. Is it normal that my boyfriend fakes orgasms?

Yes…We've all been there, and blokes are exactly the same.

An American study found that 30 per cent of men admit to faking orgasms.

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5. Are 'fanny farts' normal?

Yes . Unfortunately they do happen, and it's all because sex pushes air into the vagina and a sudden change of position means it tends to be forced out.

Don't be embarrassed about it, just laugh it off and carry on.

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