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These are the disadvantages of getting intimate

It is a common assumption that sex, with so many health benefits attached to it, not forgetting the pleasure and procreation purpose that there is definitely no downside to it. Nothing could be further from the truth. Intercourse has been proved to have some negative effects on men.

One, sex makes men age faster than they actually should. Scientists Honor Hsin and Cynthia Kenyon, from the University of California at San Francisco found out that signals from the sex organs can influence the ageing rate of a body. With frequent and constant orgasms, man tends to age faster that they actually should.

It makes them weak. A man has some energy stored in the sperms. With each ejaculation, man tends to release 200-500 million sperms each with a potential of becoming human. This definitely talks up too much energy. The energy left is only enough to do basic things. That is why mostly a man will roll over and snore immediately after intercourse.

Sperms are rich in vitamins, minerals, trace elements, hormones, proteins, ions and enzymes. All these are lost during ejaculation and it is hard to man to take in enough nutrients to replace the nutrients lost through intercourse. It then becomes hard for a man’s body to withstand and conquer diseases.

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