Esther Passaris replaces her signature hairstyle for a newer look and it’s glamorous : Evewoman - The Standard


Esther Passaris dazzles in her new hair: She goes for braiding and it’s splendid


Nairobi Women Rep Esther Passaris has changed her hairstyle and it is splendid. The sassy Women Rep is known to be turning heads whenever she steps out and her new hairstyle is taking that to another level.

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Passaris has always been donning long hair but she seems to have changed tunes and gone for plaited hair.

She has long natural hair, probably from her Caucasian roots.  She is born to a Kenyan mother and a Greek father.

Her new hairstyle makes her look way younger than her 53 years.

She was first seen with the new hairstyle when she went to Kenyatta Hospital to celebrate with patients and help them pay their hospital bills.

Passaris’ new look:

Esther Passaris at the launch of the Association of Sisterhoods of Kenya funds drive

Her initial hairstyle:



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