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Guys, which one are you? Types of guys in every woman’s inbox

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In this social media era, every girl can admit to getting Direct Messages from guys with weird and funny characters. Every girl will agree with me that at least once; they were inboxed by these characters. They are all over. In every girl’s inbox:

The believer

This character does not even say hi. He sends Bible verses and memes about religion. He just drops and leaves. Never bothers for a reply and never even bothers to ask for your number.

The pervs

This group of guys will flood your inbox with photos of their little manhoods and send you endless links on porn sites. They never tire asking for your nude pics even after ignoring then entirely.

The short handers

These guys write in very bad grammar. They are such a turn off btw. You can hardly pick anything from what they type. They type things that only then can read.

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The ‘I am not giving up’

This guys will send you good morning and good day texts and even if you fail to reply, they will still send you a good afternoon and enjoy your lunch chat. They basically never give up no matter the number of times you snob them. They keep the hope that one day you will respond.

Mr. Smart

These, I must admit, are my favourite. They slid into your DM, say hi in a decent way and strike mature and smart conversations. They are never in a hurry to ask for your phone numbers. They are never pushy and chat you only when you are willing to chat.

The freaks

This type will drop and flood your inbox with love songs and love poems. They proclaim their undying love for you and prophesy your future together. They are such an annoying lot that hardly relent. They tend to scare me off. They are obsessed with you and they will always know when you are online.

The weirdos

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I think these are just idle guys. They will check on you from time to time. They never ask for your phone numbers and never say that they love you. They are basically casual friends.

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