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Grow back your receding hairline these tips

 These are some of the options you could consider to jump start your hair growth journey [Courtesy, Freepik]

We know that hair is an integral part of overall beauty and attractiveness, so when it's not fully healthy or when there is a problem like thinning, it can affect someone's esteem deeply.

Usually, a receding hairline has many different causes including genetics, lifestyle habits and certain medical conditions. The type of solution available also depends on the severity of hair loss.

Whether you have a mild, moderate or severe case of a receding hairline, these are some of the options you could consider to jump start your hair growth journey.

Cut out the chemicals

When you have a weak hairline already, it's not advisable to continue using harsh chemicals like relaxers and bleach. Your edges don't get a chance to fully grow and then when they do, they might end up being stunted because of the chemicals which cause more breakage.

If you use chemicals, you could try and nurse your hair back to health by avoiding them completely or at least reducing the number of times you use them.

Only wear loose hairstyles

Tight hairstyles are one of the main causes of receding hairlines. The pressure to always look done and perfect in trendy hairstyles is part of the reason why some people choose to constantly wear hairstyles that weaken their hairlines.

For you to be on the journey to a healthier, fuller hairline, consider doing looser hairstyles from now on. There are many options available like loose twists, clip in extensions, glueless wigs and other pretty options that still look good.

 Hair growth serums and balms can help your hair grow back healthier [Courtesy, Freepik]

Handle your edges gently

Another way to restore your hairline is to treat your edges with extra care. The hairs around the hairline tend to be the weakest so one wrong move could lead to breakage easily.

You could try laying down your hairline with your fingers instead of brushing through with a comb, for example. If you comb or blow-dry, do it gently around that area instead of roughly forcing the comb to pass through. Also, use soft protective hair scarves made of silk or satin that are gentle on your hairline.

Try a growth serum and balms

Hair growth serums and balms can help your hair grow back healthier. Usually, depending on the product, you will need to massage it on a clean scalp daily or a couple of times a week.

Another alternative is nutrient rich oils like castor oil and peppermint oil. Research on the right combinations you can mix together or buy a bottle straight from the store that has the best properties.

Try restoration treatments

When the hair loss is severe, there is a very low chance that other solutions will work. This is the point where you have tried every other method but still, your hairline won't grow back.

There are a couple of options you could try like hair transplant where hair will be extracted from the back of your head and implanted on your hairline. This is a more permanent solution that has great results.

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