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We will accept co-wives but not until men act on these five issues

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Any woman, even those whose breasts are as flat as the floor of the Great Rift Valley will have one or two takes on marriage. Many will tell you without blinking that monogamy is a sham. They will proceed to let you know that a married woman can claim ownership of her husband if she has visual of him. The other time she will know where he is at night is when he dies.

But women are nice people. They forgive freely and majority have the power to turn a blind eye on all the cheating sprees of their men. Many are willing to accept polygamy if men can act on these few irreducible minimums. In the eventuality that men take those issues seriously, all will be forgiven and women will no longer live peacefully in Langata Prison and Lee funeral home with their co-wives. Here is a demand of what women want acted upon:

1. The number of wives should be capped at three and be liable to a man’s financial muscle

Many will be shocked that even after multiparty democracy, there are educated men who have up to eight wives. This is so annoying and it really infuriates wives. Wives are appealing to all stake holders to ensure that the maximum number of wives is capped at three. Even if the man is a politician, a business man or whoever, he should not be allowed to have more than three wives. Breaking news! Mipangos and mistresses are not allowed. In fact, if they come anywhere near the polygamous marriage, they will be chased “kama mbwa msikitini”.

2. Every wife should accompany the husband to events

It is unfair that polygamous husbands prefer going to events with their younger beautiful wives at the expense of older wives. The older wives are breathing fire and brimstone. If these issue is not addressed, they will boycott the marital life altogether.

3. All wives should live together

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It is important that all wives live together. These will help in making the two wives bond and love each other. It will also ensure that the husband doesn’t get lost in between. The wives will also be able to raise up their children in love, harmony and avoid the polygamy rivalry. In the event that a wife refuses to live peacefully in one compound with her co-wife, then she should walk out of the union.

4. Uniformity of all presents

The husbands should treat wives equally. They should be loved and hated equally. The household presents, clothes and interior designs in one homestead should be a duplicate of another home. It will greatly help the wives to feel loved and well treated. Let the beloved wife never be known by others.

5. The mother in law and other in laws should not be allowed to interfere with the polygamous union

The in-laws should be many miles away from the marriage. Under no circumstance should they be allowed to spin rumors and half truths about the union. In the event of an argument, the husband should always take sides with his wives whether they are right or wrong.

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