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4 crucial things you probably don’t know about sex

Between The Sheets

When I was in high school, our principal invited a counsellor to talk to us about sex.  That female counsellor spent the better part of the counselling session telling us how vaginas are damaged when you have sex with multiple men because of the different sizes of penises.

I remember vividly the analogy she gave. She likened the vagina to a new shoe. She said that the same way a shoe will be damaged when it is worn by different feet of different sizes, so are our lady parts. It was only after I left high school and educated myself on sex matters that I realised how shockingly ignorant the counsellor was about the female anatomy. Sadly, there are still a lot of things grown Kenyans don’t know about sex. Here are four things you’d be surprised most people don’t know:

Too much sex or sex with multiple partners will not make your nunu ‘loose’

Like the counsellor above, a huge number of people still believe that if a girl has too much sex, especially with different partners, her vagina will become loose. A woman who is known to sleep around a lot is often mocked by alluding to the size of her vagina. This belief is nothing but pious claptrap! The vaginal muscles are elastic. This means the vagina expands and contracts naturally. Heck, if it resumes normal shape and size after pushing out a three-kilo baby, do you really think a couple of schlongs will make a difference?

The size of the manhood doesn’t really matter

A lot of men spend too much time obsessing about their manhood and wondering if it is enough to please a woman. It is said that preference for a larger size is mental, not physical. The truth of the matter is that the size of one’s manhood is not the key to female satisfaction. If you are lacking in the depth department, fret not! As I said, the vagina is elastic and will accommodate any size and also, many women get off from clitoral stimulation than vaginal stimulation.

Pulling out does not prevent pregnancy

Some sperms are released in pre-ejaculate and could impregnate a girl so pulling out when ejaculating isn’t an effective method of preventing pregnancies. If you don’t want a baby, get on a real contraceptive. Ditto for having sex while standing, having sex in the shower and having sex while on your period.

Oral sex is still sex

Most people believe that a bit of oral action is just harmless fun and doesn’t count as a sex act. They believe that since it cannot result in pregnancy, it shouldn’t be considered as sex. However, oral sex is still sex. It is just as intimate as vaginal sex, if not more, and you can also contract sexually transmitted diseases through oral sex. As to whether you are will still be a virgin after engaging in oral sex, it is up to you and your beliefs. But remember, having oral sex while in a relationship with someone who isn’t your partner is definitely cheating.


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