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9 beauty tricks every woman should know

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Here are some beauty tips that could save you when you’re in a bind, and they do not cost anything.

1. How to remove nail polish without remover
I was really excited to discover this tip as I had completely run out of nail polish remover. All you need to do is to apply new polish over the old and wipe away with cotton wool before the nail polish dries. It is preferable to use clear polish for this.

2. How to thicken your lashes
Put one coat of mascara and leave it to dry. Apply a coat of baby powder and then a second coat of mascara. The powder acts as a thickener, making the lashes appear thicker.

3. DIY tinted moisturiser
This is nice for warmer weather when you don’t want to be overloaded with heavy foundation. In the palm of your hand, mix a small amount of liquid foundation with your daily moisturiser and apply.

4. All over body glow
Mix your body lotion with a little body oil and apply.

5. Strong nails
Keep your hands moisturised with hand cream or lotion. Ensure that you keep your cuticles hydrated by rubbing them with cuticle oil or any oil before you sleep at night. The more hydrated they are, the stronger your nails will be.

6. How to fix broken make-up
We’ve all had one of those clumsy days when we seem to be dropping everything. What do you do when you drop your almost new favorite powder foundation? You don’t need to rush out to buy a new one as you can fix your make up by following these easy steps. First, put the broken pieces in a clear bag and crush the pieces into powder. Place the powder back into the make-up container and add a few drops of rubbing alcohol. Add enough liquid to make the make-up spongy. Leave it to dry for several hours. It will be as good as new, and you’ll have saved yourself some money.

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7. How to brighten your eye-shadow
Colour your entire lid with white eyeliner and then apply your choice of color on top. Your eye shadow will now be brighter.

8. How to dry your nails quickly
Once you have painted your nails, allow them to dry for a couple of minutes and then dip them in a bowl of ice water for about a minute. This allows the polish to dry right through at a much faster rate.

9. How to eliminate razor bumps
Exfoliating before you shave gets rid of dead skin that could clog your pores. After shaving, apply vitamin E cream or lotion. Remember the healthier you are, the healthier your skin and nails will be. A healthy diet leads to a beautiful you!

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