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Is Nairobi National Park an underrated tourist destination for Kenyans?

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Nairobi National Park is the most underrated destination in Nairobi - at least when it comes to the locals. I mean, we have a park right in the heart of the city, filled with an impressive variety of wildlife and yet no one seems to think it's a big deal. I must admit, my most recent visit to the park was just to attend a posh wedding, but now I'm happy to say that I'm a regular local tourist and hell bent on converting the 'rest of the gang'.

Minus the traffic, the drive down is less than an hour from Jomo Kenyatta Airport, Wilson Airport and Nairobi City. A true wilderness experience awaits you as the park boasts of a good variety of wildlife species including buffalo, giraffe, lion, leopard, baboon, zebra, wildebeest and cheetah - among others. You can opt to use your private car to tour the park or better yet, go on a guided tour with an experienced Kenya Wildlife Service officer. And for those who just want to relax and enjoy the moment, there are picnic facilities inside the park, converging around unique sites like the historic ivory burning site, King Fisher, Mokoyiet and Impala.

Despite all these wonderful activities to explore, there is an attraction that certainly captured my interest and one you should consider experiencing- the Nairobi Tented Camp. This is an authentic tented camp in the heart of Nairobi National Park and the first accommodation of any sort to be allowed in this unique safari destination. It is also the first fully-tented accommodation in Nairobi.

Picture this; a wilderness retreat where you can savour the thrill of camping in the heart of thick bush land right at Nairobi's doorstep. Actually, there isn't anywhere else in the world like it. Each of the nine tents accommodate two people and have their own toilet and shower, so you can enjoy the luxury of en-suite living 'safaris style', with hot water heated over a log fire and brought in for your bath when you're ready.

Your day at the Nairobi Tented Camp starts with a freshly brewed beverage, which is brought to your tent before you set off for an early morning game drive. In the afternoon, enjoy backgammon games or a good read from one of the many books in their library. All of the meals are carefully crafted to compliment bush living without sacrificing on quality and there is nothing more blissful than sleeping off your three-course lunch in a swaying hammock under the shade of an olive tree.

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As the day cools and the sun sets it will be time for another game drive – a chance to catch that evasive moment where a lion might decide it's time to feast. Return to camp for drinks and stories around the campfire, before dinner under the vast African star-lit sky and then it's time for bed.

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