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Make up tips for women with mature skin

You've finally gotten to the fifth floor as they call it. You're feeling very youthful inside but unfortunately your skin doesn't seem to agree. All hope is not lost though, there is always a way to make you appear more youthful. 
  1. Retinoic creams. These are anti aging products made using the Vitamin A derivative; Retinol. They work by boosting cell renewal which consequently gives you youthful skin.
  2. Rich moisturiser. After 50 we agree the first thing to go from your body is fat. This is what keeps your skin plump though. To give the illusion of plumper skin, 'nutritious ' moisturiser should be on your shopping list. 
  3. Foundation. Resist the instinct to go darker in an attempt to mask the hyper pigmentation caused by hormonal shift. A dark foundation leaves you looking lifeless. It takes away your natural highlights and shadows. Go for a colour that matches the lighter parts of your face , which I assume are the natural you. Also , go for a lightweight formulation, don't stress your skin.
  4. Brows. Aging brings with it alopecia or hair loss. You will notice your brows thin out as well. Your best bet right now is brow pencils. However keep in mind that too dark a colour gives you a harsh look. Go for colours closest to the colour of your hair roots.
  5. Eye shadow.  Avoid shimmery colours on your eyelids unless you know how to contour them with matte ones. Sparkle draws attention to your skin around the eyes which has lost some elasticity. Blend whatever shadow you do seamlessly to give you a smooth eyelid.
  6. Eye Liner. Opt for pencils. They give a softer line unlike liquid liners that give you one perfect line. Sharp lines will,again, draw attention to any wrinkle you have around the eyes. You can also smudge brown eyeshadow around the eyes to give you definition without looking harshly done. Let your liner be as thin as possible especially under the eyes to avoid a droopy-eyed/tired look. 
  7. Lips.  They get thinner with time. To get a fuller effect I'd recommend lip liners and gloss. The shine from gloss gives you a nice plumping effect. Go for soft girly tints of gloss. If you're more experimental with colour you can still do the deep berry shades  which do nothing for you if the goal is to appear younger, but make then super glossy to counter the aging effect.
  8. Make up finish. Any make up lovers knows the end justifies the means. You may use the most pricey products but they give you a lacklustre finish. When shopping for cosmetics, get mineral products. Their moist finish gives you a dewy finish which is appealing to the eye, especially because it reflects light and makes your skin look illuminated.
Bonus tips: 
Mascara is your friend at any age so keep doing it.
Blending is key at this age more than any other. You don't want product settling into a crease.
You'll notice facial hair becomes more difficult to tame. Electrolysis offers a permanent solution.
Hire a professional make up artist and take professional portraits. Celebrate this stage of your life. Nothing captures happiness better than pictures.

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