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First date confidence-booster make-up tips

Jackie Aina

Potential Mr Right has noticed you and asked you out on a date. In the excitement many ladies fall into the trap of going overboard with their makeup. Looking like the Joker out of a Batman movie or worse, will definitely not help your chances of scoring a second date.

Crafting the perfect look is not as difficult as it may seem. Here are a number of tips that should help you along the way.

Focus on the occasion
Consider the time and place. Is your date during the day at a park or at night in a restaurant? Wearing a dark Smokey eye for brunch can make you appear over the top, yet will turn heads at an evening cocktail.

Go for what you know
Never try a new look on a first date. Chances are it could go very, very wrong. Blame it on Murphy's law. Same goes for new products. Ideally, go for looks you’re already familiar and comfortable with.

Pick a good powder
A good powder will help you look natural and keep your face from shinning bright like a diamond. Use a high quality powder that not only matches, but also sets in well with your skin tone. If you’re not sure about the powder test some on your neck, not your hand, to see how it will look on your face.

Magnify your lashes
Guys like girls with pretty eyes, so go crazy with the mascara. Feel free to wear 2­3 coats to make your eyes pop! Some dramatic eyelashes have never really hurt anyone, so feel free to put the fake ones on too.

Check your teeth
Make one or two stops to the bathroom to make sure you don't have any lipstick on your teeth, or God forbid, spinach!

Touch up discreetly
Keep touch ups relegated to ladies' rooms only. Powdering your nose in front of your date destroys the illusion of "natural" — and can seem a little high-maintenance. Let's face it, we want the guy to think we rolled out of bed this morning looking all flawless.

Remember, getting your make up right and looking good is more for you than for your date.
Looking good will do wonders for your confidence and reveal the beautiful, warm, fun to be with person you are.


Ruth 'Ruthie' Kinuthia is a make-up professional and founder of Makeup by Ruthie.

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