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Gadgets that may come in handy in the kitchen

Food Chopper

You no longer have to deal with fingers that smell of onions and teary eyes when chopping or dicing onions. With this manual Slap and Chop food chopper you can chop and mince a different types of onions, nuts, garlic, fruits and vegetables. It features stainless steel blades and a large container for the chopped ingredients. With every press, the 3 blades below chop the food. Press the plunger a couple times for coarse pieces fit for a chopped salad. Press more times for finely chopped toppings. You do not have to switch blades. To clean, just remove the base and cup, and the chopper will pop open. It comes with a cheese grater and costs Sh1,000.

Yoghurt Maker


Make some homemade yoghurt just the way you like it, with this Yoghurt Maker. It has space for 12 glass jars, each measuring 200ml making it easy to make a large batch. This also allows you to experiment with different flavours and consistencies until you find one that you love. It is ideal for anyone with in-tolerances or allergies as there is no cross-contamination. To use, simply pour in milk and your fruit or flavour of choice into the glass jars and switch on. The product then heats the ingredients until you have creamy yoghurt. An LCD timer makes it easy to keep track of how long the Yoghurt Maker has to run, preventing overcooking or over-thickening. The Yoghurt Maker can be used for creating bases for curries and dips. It costs Sh6500.

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