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Secrets to having a healthy sex life

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You often hear about the importance of physical health, mental health and spiritual health, but sexual health is sometimes neglected. Being in good sexual health allows for healthy relationships, planned pregnancies and disease prevention.

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That's why it's essential to be well-informed about all aspects of sexual health and what it takes to have a fulfilling sex life. Don't let embarrassment keep you from raising concerns with your doctor about your sexual health.

You deserve a fulfilling sex life, and you should always seek help if any issues arise. Sexual dissatisfaction, referred to as sexual dysfunction, is a combination of problems with desire, arousal, orgasm and sexual pain disorders.

Your lifestyle may affect your sexual function, especially with smoking, drugs and alcohol. As you age, your libido may decline as a result of changes in your hormone production.

Stress, anxiety and relationship problems can all affect your sexual function. So too are other illnesses, like depression for example or previous negative sexual experiences.

Get prompt help if suffering from sexual dysfunction. Talk to your gynecologist, or even your regular healthcare provider. It may help to be accompanied by your sexual partner. You may end up getting a pelvic examination done, and sometimes some tests as well.

Your specific treatment will depend on what becomes apparent. You might get a prescription for hormonal treatment to help with vaginal dryness for example. You may also be referred to a sex therapist who will help you deal with aspects of sexual disorders relating to emotional, physical and interpersonal aspects.

Avoid contracting sexually transmitted infections (STIs). Have only one sex partner who doesn't have any STIs, and who has sex only with you. If you are not in an exclusive relationship, protect yourself by being vigilant and using condoms.

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 If you suspect any infections, get tested and treated promptly. Get your partner tested and treated as well. Incorporate your sexual health with regular screening for gynecological problems. Be up-to-date with screening tests for cervical and breast cancer.

If any unusual symptoms appear, get them checked in good time. Anything affecting on your general health will have an impact on your sexual function.

Avoid unwanted or unplanned pregnancies by using effective contraception. The choice of contraceptives is so wide that you will certainly find a method that suits your specific circumstances.

Don't get caught out thinking about terminating an unwanted pregnancy, far too many women have suffered grave sexual dysfunction following unsafe abortions in our part of the world.

Beware of your prevailing sexual health, and take steps to get anything amiss addressed. If your lifestyle needs changing, please do so. Being physically active, eating well and cutting down on toxins like smoking and alcohol may be all you need to do. Work on your relationships as well. Avoid risky sexual behavior, and get professional help if this becomes necessary.

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