Evewoman : A fight finished Fridora's funny fake friendship

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A fight finished Fridora's funny fake friendship

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The spirit of friendship.

Most men, when certain friendships ‘end’, like a man gets married and stops hanging out all weekend with ‘The Boys,’ its cool. It is like that beer advertisement where the drunk dude dies in a car accident.

They bury him the weekend after, and a week later, they are high-fiving his Friday night replacement.

The party goes on.

Now, with women, friendships seem deeper to me, so, far more complicated. Here is a crazy real-life female friendship story I listened to in slight disbelief the other day.

Dora and Frida had been friends forever.

And by ‘forever’ I mean since the year 2000 A.D. when they found themselves as First Form desk-mates by dint of first names’ alphabetical order. (It is like me and Itindi being deskmates just because my name is Anthony, and the next name closest in alphabetical order just so happens to be ‘Beryl’).

Anyway, after high school, Dora and Frida made sure to go to the same university, taking the same courses, and of course they shacked up together as college room-mates. They were so close they even got one of those funny portmanteau names – Fridora!

As in, ‘Have you seen Fridora?’

After Campus, and again quite predictably, they became house mates in 2009 – although each one of them was working in different companies, as corporate marketers – and then in 2013, they moved to a costly two bedroom apartment in the Hurlingham area.

This is not quite where the problem began.

That started last year when Frida introduced Dora to one of her clients, a good-looking guy called Fred, in one of those ‘after hours’ corporate dos.

Dora and Fred hit it right off, getting on along famously, and from the ‘friendship’ of 2014 July that included catching the World Cup final games, movie and dinner dates began to flow culminating in a long October 10 – October 20 outing at the Coast between Dora and Fred last year.

By December, Fred had introduced Dora to his widowed mom – and Fred’s mom loved her!

Fred asked Dora to move in with him straight after the New Year, and she said ‘yes’ and gave Frida notice. Frida, who is still single at 29, was so furious she accused Dora of ‘violating’ their joint lease agreement.

“We signed it for 2013 to 2015. Now how am I supposed to pay rent for this apartment all by myself?”

“Just move out to a cheaper place,” Dora suggested.

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That just got Frida more incensed. “Oh,” she said, “so now my lifestyle is supposed to travel backwards just because you are going to live in sin with your new man who, by the way, I got you?”

“You got me Fred?” Dora said, incredulously. “Girl, what have you been smoking?”

Shortly afterwards, Dora moved out to Fred’s place.

But as you will see in the finale, next week, the crazy drama with Frida – her former BFF – was just beginning.

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