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Signs you may be addicted to working out

 You take no breaks from working out which can be a good or bad thing (Photo: iStock)

Exercise is just one of those things that will always be connected to positivity. It is a solution to a number of health problems and it’s certainly true that it can significantly improve the quality of life.

Although it’s awesome to have a commitment to staying fit, too much of it can give opposite results. The truth about exercise addiction isn’t always acknowledged because it’s hard to imagine that there is such a thing as too much exercise.

The fact is that this is a real problem that people experience without even realizing what’s happening. In case you’re wondering what the signs are, here they are:

You don’t believe in breaks

Working out can have such a positive impact on your life. It’s a process that strengthens you both mentally and physically because as you push your body to do those hard workouts, you toughen up.

The major issue is that you can get to that level where you just want to keep going all day every day. You start to think that taking a break makes you weak and that’s a big problem.

If you’re one of those gym enthusiasts that feel guilty for taking a break, you might need to reevaluate your relationship with working out.

 You are not satisfied with the progress you are making (Photo: iStock)
Your mind is always focused on dieting and exercise

Another sign that will let you know that you might be addicted is how much you focus on staying fit. Obsessing about it can make you even dream about working out which isn’t healthy.

You can also tell by how crazy you are about calories. Counting calories and constantly confirming nutritional facts all the time isn’t a good sign either.

No progress is good enough for you

Sometimes our goals and expectations are based on unrealistic standards. For example, you might be using a picture of yourself from 20 years ago when you were in high school and expecting your body to look exactly the same when this isn’t actually possible.

These expectations will always block you from appreciating how far you have come. If you find yourself obsessively pushing to reach a certain goal that doesn’t exist, that’s another indicator.

You overreact when you miss a day

Life happens and you can’t always manage to squeeze in a workout every single time. Someone who isn’t addicted will accept that tomorrow is another day and skipping one day doesn’t mean you’re going back to square one.

But for a gym addict though, the reaction is completely different. You become irritable, anxious, and terribly guilty and you might even punish your body by skipping a meal.

You keep going even when you’re sick or injured

You can be so obsessed that you’re not concerned about what your body needs. It won’t matter if your friends and family are concerned about you and not even a doctor’s orders can convince you.

This is a stage of exercise addiction that might indicate some psychological problems. You might need to get some counseling so you can handle the root cause of your obsession.

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