Evewoman : Do you want sexy arms? Give your arms some makeover


Give your arms some makeover

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Are you one of those who shy away from wearing sleeveless tops because of flabby arms? One of the main reasons why your arm is that way is simply because of the gradual deposition of fat.

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According to lifestyle and weight management experts, once you turn 20, your body tends to store more fat in particular parts of the body like the tummy, at back of the neck, hips, chin, back and even thighs. This causes a decrease in lean muscle mass because fatty tissues overweighs lean muscles.

Another cause is poor metabolism. Your metabolism can actually slow down with age meaning your body’s ability to burn calories becomes less. This condition eventually leads to accumulation of fat in arms and other body parts. Sufficient activities like exercise and proper nutrition have been known to stimulate and activate such accumulations to be used by the body instead of staying dormant.

If such flabby, saggy arms are your worst nightmare, here are some easy exercises you can do at home to help you lose the fat and tone.

Introduce some healthy dietary habits. Healthy diets are the foods low in fat, carbs and sugar which may include fruits and veggies.

Improper diet consisting of fizzy drinks and processed food increases fat accumulation not just in the arms but the rest of the body too. Eat more fresh fruit and veggies. Such fresh produce will keep you full and you will eat less calories at the same time.

Also opt for fibre rich foods like whole wheat bread. Such fibre rich food will help you fight hunger pangs keeping you full longer. Fibre rich food will not only boost your metabolism, it will activate more calories and burn more fat at the same time.

Never skip breakfast since it is the first and most essential meal of the day. By avoiding breakfast, you are just subjecting yourself to easy bitings now and then. You will be more likely to eat lots of food during the rest of the day. Eat healthy breakfast in the morning.

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Eat small portions of meal separated by regular intervals throughout. This way you will still eat less and feel full.

When doing all the above make sure you also get active physically. The best way to do this is to include cardio exercises. Do exercises that fully activate your arms like lifting more than pushing and pulling, swimming, walking carrying light weights, climbing, mopping, stairclimbing and jogging.

 As you do all these, add weight lifting exercises like bicep curls, shoulder front raises, side raises and arm extension increasing the number of repetition for each. The point is to burn as much fat as possible so the higher the reps, the better. Such exercises will not only trigger your fat burning furnace all around the body, they will also help you acquire a nice and toned body.

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